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Our recent collaboration with Swedish brand Boulebar was focusing on putting Allégade into the limelight – a cozy petanque bar offering a fusion of delicate cuisine and vibrant social experiences.

Our collaboration with Boulebar has been centered around PR, press initiatives, and influencer marketing. GOODREL has had the privilege of closely collaborating with Boulebar to craft a compelling press campaign. The collaboration resulted in several press clips in: Euroman, Berlingske, Mig&Kbh, and various other local media outlets.

From crafting compelling press materials to weaving an engaging storyline, GOODREL has played a pivotal role in accentuating Boulebar's distinct charm. We take pride in showcasing Boulebar's fusion of relaxation, community, and culinary excellence, securing them coveted spots in prestigious press features.

Whether you're a petanque aficionado, a connoisseur in pursuit of unique dining experiences, or simply seeking an extraordinary venue to unwind, Boulebar Allégade promises an experience beyond the ordinary. Our collaboration with Boulebar underscores our dedication to spotlighting exceptional concepts that resonate with audiences seeking authenticity and memorable encounters.

Photo (c) Brage Borup for Boulebar

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